Michael Donovan

Behind Closed Doors

Behind-closed-doors-FCPrivate Investigator Eddie Flynn is having a bad day

There’s an instinct all investigators share: the lure of the curious. We’re like collectors rummaging through the shadowy corners of a bric-a-brac shop; we just can’t resist intrigue when it pops up.

PI Eddie Flynn is having a bad day. When some snot-nosed kid barges in with a story about a missing girl, it doesn’t get any better – especially since Rebecca Slater’s parents say nothing’s wrong.

Problem is, the family are telling lies.

Before he knows it, Flynn’s following a trail that leads out of the Slaters’ mansion and straight into the gutter.

Down among the rats Rebecca’s not the only girl who’s missing – and in a game where there’s no such thing as coincidence, how long will it be before Flynn disappears too?

Published 30 May 2013
ISBN: 978 1 901888 89
Available in paperback and as an ebook

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Michael Donovan
© Simon Veit-Wilson

MICHAEL DONOVAN was born in Yorkshire but brought up in Lancashire where he still lives. A consultant engineer, Behind Closed Doors is his first work of fiction.