New Writing North launches crime list

Moth Publishing, a crime fiction venture from the north of England, launches this summer with the publication of four new novels.

Launched as B-format paperbacks on 30 May, the four are the result of the inaugural Northern Crime Competition, which sought to find the most promising new crime-writing talent in the North. Helen Cadbury (from York), Alfie Crow (from Thirsk), Michael Donovan (from Lytham St Anne’s) and Rebecca Muddiman (from Teesside) were the winners, their prize £1,000 plus publication by Moth Publishing, a partnership between New Writing North and Sunderland-based Business Educational Publishers.

Claire Malcolm, CEO of New Writing North, said: “When he sponsored the Northern Writers’ Awards, New Writing North’s flagship scheme for talented new writers, Paul Callaghan, the entrepreneur behind BEPL, was struck by how many talented writers there were in the region who were struggling to interest publishers in their work.

“At New Writing North, we are always interested in finding innovative ways to support and develop new writers, and the idea took shape that there could be a very new kind of creative partnership between the two parties that would support new writers and allow new books to be published.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer publication to the four winners of the inaugural Northern Crime Competition, and we hope there will be many more talented northern writers following in their footsteps.”

“The North is such a vibrant and creative region in so many ways, and we want to do as much as we could to provide an outlet for that creativity,” added BEPL Chairman Paul Callaghan. “The Northern Writers’ Awards showed that there are many more talented writers in the area than there are opportunities for them to be published, and during discussions with New Writing North we realised there was space for an entirely new kind of publishing imprint that could support and promote this talent.

“We hoped that the first Northern Crime Competition would turn up some fantastic new writing, and that hope has definitely been realised with our first four winners. They’ve set the bar very high for Moth Publishing.”

The official launch will take place in Newcastle on Monday 3 June at Waterstones, Newcastle Emerson Chambers.

BookBrunch, 11 April 2013